Podcasts/ Vodcasts

Investing in podcasts can be highly profitable and deliver impressive results for your business in terms of awareness. There are over 50,000 active podcasts; 50% of all US homes are podcast fans and over two-thirds of podcast listeners cited leaning of a product or services through podcast ads. US marketers spent $479 million on podcast ads in 2018, and podcast advertising revenues are projected to surpass $1 billion by 2021. Don’t be left behind the competition when it comes to one of the fastest-growing areas of marketing.

Hosting a podcast can help you to both find a new audience and keep it engaged over time, as the subscriber-based format inherently contributes to a sense of community and familiarity among your listeners. You can use these relationships to build a loyal following, which can lead to additional revenue opportunities. You may even see a spike in your site’s traffic, as devoted listeners frequently seek out podcasts’ websites for more content or information related to the broadcasts.

We will walk you through the best podcast solutions for you – every step of the way. Podcasting is a powerful way to reach new clientele and engage brand support for your business or product. We can also expertly film your podcast, which can be used as a vodcast in its own right, or chopped into segments to promote your podcast and business across social media.

Ever thought about creating a podcast or vodcast/ vlog, but want it done professionally and hassle-free?

IHEARTCONTENT has a team that will help you devise, record and film your audio and visual content, then push it out to your target audience. The IHEARTCONTENT team will even help you find potential interviewees and build a promotional strategy to get ahead of the game in one of the biggest growth areas of marketing.

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